Spams : 3 ways to stay away from

Spams : 3 ways to stay away from

On the web, it is difficult to be away of unwanted advertisement. But this time, we are offering you three ways to limit those who come into your inbox. Say good bye to your spams!

Use a good anti-spam software

Nowadays, it is one of the most essential software. To be sure that you’ll not get fraudulent emails, try to compare and download anti-spam software. By the way, most of antivirus software has also this functionality.

For me, I use Avast!, in his free version, facilitating my life for more than 10 years.

Identify spams : analyze incoming emails

Receiving email, it’s a basic process in life. But not so much. Indeed, spammers leave some tracks that we can easily explore.

Firstly, read the email carefully, and try to answer this question : “is this credible?”. If you receive something live “I have a xxx millions of dollars and I want to give it” or “I have cancer, I will give…”; stays wary. Indeed, most of them goes directly in your Spam folder. It is something that’s unbelievable, and many times, they ask for personal information (and sometimes even passwords).

But let’s check also technical side. Many times, hackers use many servers, and they use different for sending, and another one for receiving the response. You’ll probably see that sender’s email is not the receiver’s email. Mistrust!

Find a good email provider

Good providers mean anyone who knows to use good parameters and good software on a good server. Two criteria to choose your provider:

  • Do they use a good anti-spam on their servers?
  • Do they allow to block manually receiving from some emails?

For me, I’ve left free emails like GMail ou Yahoo. They are not bad, but I need something more effective.

If you are looking for a professional email provider, Hostibox is your best choice. Professional emails plans are more than conclusive, especially when we know that the famous spamassassin anti-spam is pre-installed and ready to use.